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Pressure washing is otherwise known as pressure cleaning or power washing; and is the application of water at a high pressure using special machinery, in order to clean surfaces removing debris and build up that would not be removed by normal cleaning methods.

You can certainly purchase or hire machinery to do it yourself, however there is a clear distinction between a DIY crew and hiring professional services.

Not only is our equipment commercial grade, having a much greater capability and the ability to hold more water (reducing the time taken to undertake the works); but you will also receive the expertise of the team at Eco Wash & Seal.

Small errors such as having the machine on too high of a setting or holding the nozzle too close to your surface; can result in irreversible damage.

While not essential, following our intensive cleaning service, we recommend that our customers apply a protective sealer to achieve results that last. Using our leading industry knowledge, Eco Wash & Seal will carefully apply the best water-based sealers available. Depending on whether we are working with decorative concrete, poured limestone, natural stone or brick pavers, we will use the appropriate technique to ensure your surface is completely covered and protected.  

We recommend sealing your project to:

  • Leaves your area looking clean for longer 
  • Minimises any future damage to your surface which may be caused by water absorption efflorescence and corrosion 
  • Makes your surfaces easier to clean, minimising the potential for staining.

For the majority of surfaces, undertaking professional pressure washing annually is sufficient. For areas that are neglected in between cleans, or where sealing has not been undertaken, the cleans will be recommended more frequently. 

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