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About Sealing

The Main Reasons Why We Recommend

Sealing Your Surfaces

Sealing will minimise any future damage to your surface which may be caused by water absorption, efflorescence and corrosion. Sealers provide a physical barrier to protect your surfaces against a variety of elements causing premature ageing from wear and tear. These elements include sun, rain, spilled food and drinks, cleaning chemicals, algae, pool water and of course; dirt.

Sealing will make your surfaces easier to clean, minimising the potential for staining. It is important to clean up any spills or messes regularly to minimise any damage caused to your surfaces. Sealed surfaces are much easier to clean and are also more protected from unwanted nasties penetrating the surface causing damage to your concrete, pavement or natural stone.

Your area will be looking stunningly fresh and clean following our pressure washing services. These results will last far longer if the surface has been sealed and protected afterwards. All surfaces, whether concrete, stone or paving, degrade over time. Sealing the surface, however, extends not only the appearance of your pavement, but also the durability and longevity; increasing the serviceability by up to 40%.

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Why Seal Your Job?

While not essential, following our intensive cleaning service, we recommend that our customers apply a protective sealer to achieve results that last.
Using our leading industry knowledge and techniques; Eco Wash & Seal will carefully apply our top quality sealers to your surface.

Flooring takes an absolute beating, not only enduring the elements such as rain, hail and the harsh Australian sun; but it is also prone to receiving all sorts of spills and messes from children, pets and from entertaining.
Since most surfaces are porous, most of these spills will penetrate deep into the material, leaving unwanted stains.
Luckily, sealing provides a solution.


When We Can Seal

Depending on whether we are working with decorative concrete, poured limestone, natural stone or brick pavers, we will use the best sealer available and most appropriate technique to ensure that your surface is completely protected.

In most cases, Eco Wash & Seal are able to apply our non-toxic industrial strength sealers on the same day as we have undertaken our pressure cleaning, meaning minimal disruption and downtime for our customers.

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How We Apply The Sealers, and the

Products We Use

We will recommend the most suitable sealer to suit your requirements. We primarily use industrial strength water based sealers which are non-toxic and suitable for all general outdoor areas. We may also use Penetrating Sealers (water based & solvent based) for areas where the surface needs to have texture and not be slippery when wet, such as around swimming pools. For more information on these or our other sealing products that we use, please contact our team to discuss these further.

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Let's discuss your job to see if sealing is right for you.

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